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Moving Towards a Single Supply Chain

This week our Managing Director, Gary Cleghorn announced Alexander Cleghorn’s partnership with HOMAG UK.  The HOMAG Group is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and woodworking shops.

“Over the last ten years, we’ve been moving towards a single supply chain. This strategy has developed for several reasons, not least being the ever-growing importance of software to control the increasing complexity of the machinery. By gravitating towards one machinery and software supplier, we believe it will give us a long-term competitive advantage.”

“Almost by natural selection, HOMAG has emerged as our machinery and software supply chain partner. The quality of its products, coupled with the excellent level of service and support, have created a solid foundation for the partnership. This has flourished with the open and candid relationship between our people and HOMAG’s teams in both the UK and Germany.”

Gary Cleghorn, Managing Director

Check out one of our machines in action:


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