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What Is Melamine?

Melamine board is similar to particle board but it is much stronger and made using a different process. Years of improvement in the way that Melamine is constructed means that it has become very popular among our clients; especially those who want to preserve sustainable resources.

Melamine panels are produced by combining particles of wood under very high pressure, then covering with paper and resin. This process creates an end product that can be fire-retardant, moisture-resistant, as well as warp-proof. All of these factors are what make Melamine such a competitive alternative to using wood for furniture manufacture.


Why Use Melamine?

There are some great reasons that you should use Melamine board as opposed to other wood products. As mentioned above, Melamine is popular among homeowners and businesses who like using sustainable resources.

With Melamine, since it is smooth and easy to clean, there is much less waste when installing, no need to paint or stain, allowing you to save money on cleaning products. Additionally, Melamine can be made to be fire-retardant which is a huge positive in both residential and commercial applications where fire safety is paramount. It also is resistant to moisture, meaning you won’t have to worry about it warping over time.¬†

Another reason to use Melamine Panels is because of the price. Melamine is much more cost-effective than using solid wood and comes with the benefit of having a wide range and variety of colours and finishes to choose from. We manufacture melamine boards to your size and shape specifications. Our state of the art machinery and shaped edge banding capabilities ensure the highest standard of finished product.

Melamine Faced Chipboard

Chipboard is a wood product that is engineered from woodchips and resin being pressurized together. We then take basic Melamine, which is a thermosetting plastic applied to paper, and fuse it to the chipboard with glue. This combination makes Melamine Faced Chipboard.

There are many colours and styles to choose from as part of the process, selectable before applying your chosen finish to the chipboard. MFC is a great choice for any cabinet interiors as they are relatively lightweight and very hard to damage, so you can set  heavy household items or commercial equipment on these shelves without leaving a scratch.

Melamine faced chipboard

Melamine Faced MDF

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard which is a dense, very heavy, fiberboard. MDF usually is used for doors, tables, and other types of wood products. The downside of standard MDF is that without a laminate it will soak up water and swell. Due to its weight it is also not ideal for a range of applications as for this reason it is harder to work with.

MF MDF however is formed by covering the MDF core with the Melamine finish of your choice. Using Melamine MDF is a great way to keep your high-quality furniture panels intact. By putting Melamine on top of the heavy fiberboard of MDF, you will have a great protective layer that will stop any warping from happening.

Fenix Melamine MDF

Our Melamine Board

Are you taking on a new construction project and looking for a great alternative to solid wood? Then you need to check out our range of pre cut or bespoke Melamine Panels.

At Alex Cleghorn, we have a great selection of Melamine products for any of your projects. We also can provide matching materials depending on your requirements.

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