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Edge Banding Process

All panels pass through a milling unit in the first stage of the edge banding process. This ensures that the panels are completely square and have perfectly clean edges.

Your choice of panel edging is then applied to the material. This can be PVC, PP, ABS, Melamine or Veneered tapes, even some hardwood lipping, with thicknesses from 0.3mm to 3mm and more.

Our long serving team bring a wealth of experience to the edging process providing you with peace of mind.

Types Of Edge Banding

Our extensive range of materials used for our panel edging means our overall range at Alexander Cleghorn is vast.

We supply melamine, veneered wood as well as ABS edging to be applied to your bespoke panel of choice.

Please note that the different materials will have different thickness specifications so please contact our team for the specifications.

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Why Choose Us?

Due to our ongoing investment in the latest and most efficient technology we are positioned to provide the most competitive prices whilst continuing to produce the highest quality Panel Edging service.

We provide a large range of different finishes such as high gloss, textured boards and matt finishes.

Our staff are some of the most experienced in the industry and have spent large proportions of their careers at Alexander Cleghorn developing their skill sets.

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Bespoke Panel Edging Services

Regardless if you are looking for one panel or one hundred panels, we will supply and deliver your order promptly and professionally.

Related services also include panel cutting and shaped edge banding.

Information about Edge Banding

Edge Banding is a wood panelling production process that consists of using a particular material to cover the seal the edges of panels which have been exposed from the panel cutting process.

Find out more about the edging process in general by following the link below or read more about the different forms of edge banding.

What is Edge Banding? 
Finishing edging on MDF panel state of the art panel edging machinery