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3 Reasons to Use a Bespoke Wood Cutting Service

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We provide bespoke and high-quality finished products for our customers. Whether you require a small or large order, we specialise in turning raw sheet material into expertly finished, cut to size panels. Our highly qualified team oversees the entire cutting process to ensure the most cost-effective solution to meet your exact needs and requirements.

The main question is however, why would you need a bespoke wood cutting service instead of purchasing generic DIY wood panels from a retailer? See our top three reasons why choosing a bespoke wood cutting service may be the best option for you.

1.  Non-Standard Panel Size

If you are unable to find wood panels that meet your exact size requirements from other manufacturers, choosing a bespoke panel will allow you to specify exact dimensions to meet your ideal panel requirements.

2. Unique Panel Shape

In addition to getting a panel cut to your exact specifications, by choosing a bespoke wood cutting service you will be able to produce a range of more unique shapes that are not commonly provided as stock

3. Bespoke Products

Bespoke furniture and products will often require the use of both non-standard panel sizes and shapes along with additional finishing options not achievable by other methods. When combined with custom drilling and assembly options this is the best way to make a bespoke product or piece of furniture from plan.

"Fast & Reliable"

Like many services, when looking to choose an organisation to meet your needs, a considerable factor in the decision making process is choosing a company with proven experience. 

So, what makes us the best choice for your bespoke wood cutting requirements? See below our top reasons why using Alexander Cleghorn is the best option for you.


We offer extremely accurate wood cutting for our extensive range of wood panel materials, in all shapes and sizes. Each and every piece is cut within 0.1mm accuracy and precision, regardless of the order quantity. 

Our state of the art machinery is fine tuned for consistent precision in every single panel we cut, to be repeated time and time again to provide the best possible end product for our customers.

State of the Art Technology

With our high-quality and modern technology, our wood panel cutting machines can be automated or controlled manually by the operator and computer controls. Because of this technology and the professional operator’s skill, it allows the machine to create extremely accurate sizes and shapes of the desired panel.

We can form almost any shape and size that is desired. With our modern machinery allowing these panels to be cut with a clean edge, as well as providing either one panel or 200 panels with extremely high consistency. This process can be applied to any our MDF, Melamine, Laminate or Plywood panels.

One Stop Shop

We have a range of high quality automated machinery at our disposal at our Essex HQ. From automated saws and drills to thermally fused banding machinery. A team of specialists to assemble all parts and a fleet of delivery vehicles to take the utmost care when delivering your products. We are a one stop shop for all bespoke furniture products of panel requirements. All the work we do is done by us at our HQ and we see each job through from concept to completion ensuring the highest quality standards. 

Fast and Reliable Service 

Due to the advanced skill of our operators, as well as the modern and up-to date technology within our machinery, regardless of the size of quantity within our orders, we can produce high-quality bespoke wood panels with impressive speed and reliability.


Contact Alexander Cleghorn Today

From initial cutting to final delivery, we provide a variety of in house services to ensure the highest quality products for our customers. To learn more about our bespoke wood panel services here at Alexander Cleghorn, visit our Services page or contact us directly by calling us on 01621 815551.