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What is Melamine/Melamine Faced MDF?

Melamine is a fire retardant chemical which releases nitrogen on combustion which comes from a chemical substance called ‘Cyanamide’. Melamine originates from Germany by combining the derivative of Ammonium Thiocyanate (Melam) and Amine together. 

Melamine Faced MDF finishes can provide an extensive finish to wood based panel products. Paper is used for the melamine face, so that it can be printed to be a replica of real wood textures and colours. This is coated to be very hard-wearing and long-lasting.

What are the uses of Melamine Faced MDF?

Typically for boards which can have a substrate such as plywood or MDF which is then coated with the melamine substance. By doing so, it can create a scratch-resistant and glossy surface. 

Due to the high-gloss finish and scratch-resistant coatings, melamine is also used for floor tiles and whiteboard purposes. They are less prone to staining and can be a significantly cheaper method than using stone or porcelain. 

Top 5 Advantages 

Melamine Faced MDF has a range of advantages including:

  1. It is easily machinable. Which is ideal for finishing touches such as drilling and creating particular styles and shapes.
  2. It can replicate the look and feel of wood alternatives such as solid wood panels.
  3. It is affordable, durable and strong.
  4. It can come in different colours, textures, surface patterns as well as a large variety of thickness levels.
  5. It can provide a long-lasting and high-gloss finish.


Melamine Faced MDF contains a range of benefits and advantages, however, one of the most common disadvantages is that it has to be attached to a substrate i.e the base of a material. Moreover, if this base material is of poor quality, the Melamine will also be of poor standards of quality and performance.

Overall, Melamine Faced MDF gives off a smooth, flat surface high-density and stable surface, which makes it the ideal material for your wood panels and furniture. Here at Alexander Cleghorn, we provide the latest and most-effective machinery and edge banding tools to provide the best finish to our extensive range of wood panels.

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