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What is Melamine and what are Melamine Boards?

Melamine is a chemical compound combined with agents to form melamine resin, which is durable thermosetting plastic. These characteristics give melamine board the ability to be made in an extensive range of colours and styles, such as replica wood textures and colours.

The application of melamine resin to chipboard, MDF or Plywood is what makes MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard), MF MDF (Melamine Faced MDF) and MF Plywood (Melamine Faced Plywood), which are all types of Melamine Board.

Eurodeko Melamine Faced MDF Bedroon

What are the uses of Melamine Board?

Melamine board has multiple uses within manufacturing and construction due to its high-gloss finish and scratch-resistant abilities. Uses include furniture, shelving, kitchens, service counters, flooring and whiteboards.


Vicenza Oak MFC

Top 5 Advantages 

Melamine Board has a range of advantages including:

  1. The board is easily machinable, which is ideal for finishing touches such as drilling and creating particular styles and shapes.
  2. It can replicate the look and feel of wood alternatives such as solid wood panels.
  3. It is affordable, durable and strong.
  4. It can come in different colours, textures, surface patterns as well as a large variety of thickness levels.
  5. It can provide a long-lasting and high-gloss finish.


Walnut Butcherblock MFC

Melamine Board has a wide range of benefits and advantages. One of the most common disadvantages is that it has to be attached to a substrate (the base of another material). If the base material used is of poor quality, the Melamine finish will also be of poor quality.

Overall, the board has a smooth, flat surface. Melamine boards have a highly dense and stable surface, making them the ideal material for your wood panels and furniture. Here at Alexander Cleghorn, we utilise the most innovative machinery and edge banding tools to provide the best finish to our extensive range of wood panels.

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